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I was born in Ft. Farson Colorado. 1972 moved to Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. in 1973. My mom moved to Grand Rapids, Mich. In 1975 dad returned in 1976. Grew up in a home with eight other siblings, which included a mix of brothers and sister from a different mother and fathers. My parents who lived across town from each other and therefore, I began walking the streets at the age five alone to get from one house to the other.  About the age of six, I  was put in the system, where I was then bounced back and between foster homes. The age of thirteen, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, by the time I was seventeen I had married my first wife, graduated high school at nineteen, divorced at twenty one remarried  5-13-1994 which was a Friday to a already made family of one fourteen year who had grown up in a troubled life himself and his two year old sister, had my only son in 2000. First brain surgery for my seizure disorder on 7-8-2008. Continued on with my medical condition for another seven  years, at which time I had a second brain surgery for my medical condition, which I can say and can give all the praise to God has been success to date and giving me the wonderful family who includes a daughter-in-law, another fellow blogger , and a wonderful granddaughter to the daughter who was two at the time. So I want to send a prayer to God:

Dear God
At this time I would like to give you thanks and praise for the wounded life that has been brought among my childhood. Without it I wouldn’t be in the spot I am now and even though it took time and patience and alot of Faith this prayer would be meaningless. I give YOU Thanks for the wonderful family that you have brought into my life. The strength to endure both surgeries and the Almighty hand that allowed the surgeons to not only do what they had to do to correct my medical condition, but also bring me back home to this loving family.



Withered Storms Part 2

A continuation to Withered Storms:

As a continuation to the pre- mentioned post, many things have changed.

For one and formost, my wife has left me and although a good thing how I have achieved this was very wrong and the consequences are upon me. And no matter the seriousness of the consequenses, I made the right decisions and I feel no regrets for my decisions.

After many years of being used as a slave even after knowing that the person using me could do the things that they were able to do for them self. I.E. Getting things after I was asleep without waking me up, or doing things such as cooking while I was away.

Point blank My decision was made.
I needed to break or I was going to die whether it was at my own hand or the hand of medical conditions.

Now as for the reasons I say it was consequense I face now there are many, Which I am not going to go into detail over. However I will have to say that it involves an affair with my ex daughter-in-law while I was still married. Although I said I was happily married, in all honesty my last 20 years of marriage was miserable.

I was used as a slave. It was hard for me.

As for my now excellent partner Jolene Heiss, she is the best person I have found. She has help me through alot. And in doing so I am also trying to do the best I can to help her through  her rough times
She has many Storms that she wakes up in the middle of the night, all I can do is let her know I am here for her. After all she has let everything go to be with me. After sacrificing everything she had, How could I let her go?
However her life I do not shackle, If she should leave I will not tackle.
My love for her is strong beside me is where I believe she knows she could belong.
If by chance she changes mind, The open door is a jesture to be kind.
For her and I, the passionate love we share, although many dispise, to each other shows we care.

To My one and only Baby Girl Love will continue to grow.
So many days ahead of us, let’s not forget put up a fuss.
When trouble comes our way, good times come another day.

Love you  0345 09/04/18

Due to the recent post I will no longer be posting under The name of Brother in Christ for I can no longer call myself a brother or follower of Christ for the sin I have made. A following Blog post under a different name will be made. If you choose to follow that is your choice. My heart is set.


Thirty one years

It has now been thirty one years since I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I am happy to say that as of 12-16-2016,  I have been seizure free. I still have a spot on the brain that is causing the partial complex seizures, and I still have to take the anti epilepsy medicine, and more than likely will for the rest of my life. However if that’s what it takes to keep this situation at bay, I’ll do whatever it takes. I am quite satisfied with the outcome of this surgery, and I would like to get back to Ann Arbor to personally Thank all the personnel who helped make at U OF M  this post  this post and day of being seizure free possible. I pray that this situation is completely over. I have returned to college and taking a course an getting a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. I have a long road ahead of me, as I also try to look for a job to help pay for the continuation until I graduation which will be Feb, 2021. I give a lot of thanks for my wife and kids, although there is skepticism that I am pushing a little to much with school. I have as much faith as I did when I had both brain surgeries not so much that they will correct them because I was warned there was a chance it might not work, there was also worry that I might not make it off the table because of the seriousness of the surgery and the possible outcome that this type of surgery and consequences this type could cause. But even then I made it through two surgeries, received my drivers licences back, going back to school, and trying to get back to work. The only thing I feel is that I am putting to much pressure upon myself although I am used to it. There has been a lot of situations that has made it the wrong week to start, a few health issues with my own home some health issues outside my home the start of school and trying to find a job all at one time, I have pushed through it all. Don’t get me wrong I struggle at times but again I have pushed through a lot through out my life and I will do it again until as long as I have breath in me, I will continue. My life will stay the same.

Shut Down:

I have had a few things on my mind these past few days and discussing them with some of those things with family within my home, has helped. However it is hard for me to figure out if I am asking Our Father for help because things aren’t going the way that I was praying for, because he is trying to tell me that it time for me. Or isn’t it just not going my way because I have let him take the drivers seat and then taken it back and not willing to wait.
To bring you up to speed I have been through this numerous time throughout my life where, I wouldn’t talk to God unless I was stuck and needed help with something.
For instance, I don’t know how many of you are or have mechanics that you can or have talked to where they have been stuck with trying to find that one small bolt that has fallen into the engine and once found it couldn’t reach it. Or had to work on a hot engine changing a thermostat in the middle of winter, just trying to find a way to do this without burning yourself, it’s not easy. There has even been many times I have even had to go in blind just to be able reassemble a part, contort my arms and hold the bolts in a different position within my fingers just to be able to finish the job. I am an old school light-duty mechanic, I don’t have all the extra certificates or high tech tools let alone a mechanics garage, so all my car repairs are done outside or in my house attached garage.
It’s times like that, I go to the Lord and ask for help but when things are so easy like putting a Christmas Dinner for a family of eight, sure it is tiring, and after it is done I go to bed without eating, but I don’t Thank God for the that he gave me for the ability to prepare this meal, along with my other helper(s) whoever it may be.

I enjoy working on cars and I do give God credit for giving me the ability to fix the things that I can fix, the problem is, I don’t give Him Thanks enough after the jobs are done, and when things go array, that’s when I ask for help. So many times I began to question my faith “and I used a small f because” I wonder if the Faith is there or if I it may just be that I am going on what I want and not what God feels is right for me.

I recently received my drivers license back after fifteen years due to medical complications and now the issue is no vehicle. I would also like to return to work however most jobs require reliable transportation, and jobs don’t consider public transportation as reliable. Another issue is because I have been out of work for fifteen years and the medical issues alot of companies don’t like to hire due to the insurance risk. So I am having an issue with that. I have even received a call about CDL training something that has ran through my dads’ side of the family. The only thing that has stopped me on that was there was no available training positions open in my area code.

As I sat here and pondered on that thought, I talked it over with my wife and it became apparent that I did pass the physical because of a heart related issue, where when I sleep my heart rate slows down to the point where it pretty much stops more than everyone else and when it restarts I jump a few inches, there were a few times as I described to the doctor that I thought my wife was hitting me in the chest as she rolled over when we were sleeping not realizing it was my own heart giving itself an electric shock to restart. Described to me by the Cardiologist that every ones heart rate slows down and maybe even stops atleast a max eleven times per hour whereas mine slows down up to between seventeen and twenty times per hour. Back to the point of talking about the CDL, I told my wife it would be nice however, if I was going to have my heart give out I would rather have it go at home not some hundred to thousands of miles away, which is what happened to my dad when he had his heart attack when he was driving, the one that almost took him the first time, he was driving local to Chicago and home however while he was in the docks waiting to leave he had an attack which left him in Chicago for a few weeks. The difference between my dad and myself is he is older diabetic, heavier and all the other factors that tie in for a heart attack waiting to happen.
Where as myself I am mid forties and other than the two brain surgeries, lower back problems, I don’t show any of the major sign that would cause heart attacks.
As for why my heart is in so much disarray I am confused, the doctors are all saying that it is because my chest cavity is to small for my body but I don’t see how that would effect my heart.
More to come in my next post.

Drivers Seat

As I return to blogging after the in ability to find the words to say.
The first post I came across was a post about how people didn’t listen from the beginning of time instead they wait until things have gotten to the point of damage, and how people don’t want to get involved until it’s to that point, where it is hard for a person to change and let God take the Drivers Seat. The ability for a person to do this is so hard that it is almost impossible.

Drivers Seat

Gods plan for everyone is to allow problems to come into their lives the problem is people have top be ready for them, how to deal with them, and ultimately remind people that the devil is looking for souls to consume before that person can  see him coming and counter attack  with the knowledge of Gods Word. Even though I say this I have been through some of the roughest of life, and it not only has given me the inability to allow others to penetrate. and soften my soul even God himself. I will not allow the devil to attack my soul without a fight.

Reminds me of trying to give your Children advice before they reach adulthood, before it’s too late. They run into trouble then look at you and say, ” I should have listened to you, I wouldn’t be in this mess now. But as a parent all you can do is say we’ll help you out this time and hopefully you learned from your mistake.

I am one of those people who has a big problem.
Allowing others to take control of my life is extremely hard for me.
As I grew up, there was many situations that had a major part in this inability of allowing this situation.

1. As I was a child I would go to church on Sunday morning leaving an hour early, just to make sure I wasn’t home when my biological father got home because I always got physical beat for reasons that was not my fault. Due to this, I was put in numerous foster homes, causing mixed emotions and a messed up outlook about God, due to if the foster parents did go to church not one of them went to the same denomination causing confusion because of the different aspects and the way they taught the Word of God.

Then as I got older and began going to church on my own with my second wife, it got to the point where it was again as I felt being forced on me because she wanted to go twice on Sunday, and again on Wednesday, all this was after becoming a  member of the church we were going to. While going to this church after becoming a member we received a box of envelopes with a member ID number. Even though we didn’t put our Tithe in the envelopes we still Tithed.
Now within about six months we received a letter letting us know that we were being dropped from membership. That’s when I figured out that they had looked at us as just a number not as a person with a name but a number because we didn’t use the envelopes provided for our Tithe.

Then the second Church we became members to we were fine until it came to the point where we then moved to our current location. Due to my wife’s health and myself being unable to drive, we had been unable to attend on a regular basis as well. Now with this church being a very small one they were able to tell if we were there or not. Due to the fact we also had a couple parishioners that had to pass our house I had called them to see if one of them could stop by and pick me up on their way through. Well of course soon we received another letter from this church stating that we were being dropped from membership not because we weren’t Tithing but because they felt that remolding our home was more important then attending church.

Back to the main subject:
As I sat here earlier talking to my son another fellow blogger we were talking about the same things I had just mentioned her in the post as the conversation started with the same subject that this post started. Allowing God to take the driver seat. I have had this talk with him on numerous occasions, and in some ways he understands my point, but he still talks to my about allowing God to break this brick wall that has built up around my heart due to all the turmoil that I have gone through as a child.

Many times I can feel the pain of not allowing God to take the control of my life, however it seems that once I start to allow Him to take control something bad happens, which makes me take back the drivers seat. I know it disturbs him, and me as well because sometimes we spend up to a half hour discussing things like this and then, the same thing happens all over again where we end up having the same conversation a few days later. Even though we are having this discussion on at least a monthly basis, I know what he went through as a child so it not only helps me to talk to him but myself. It also help him to talk to me. In a way it is a win win situation for the both of us until, something happens. My problem is when something goes wrong I look at it as God had a reason, not that I might have been the cause for that, such as I didn’t listen and let God take control of the drivers seat.

Words of Pain

A recent post written by my son, describes about how the pain of harsh words can hurt and even penetrate a invisible brick wall that surrounds a persons heart that has been dealt many blows that one feels they can’t take much more so their only protection is not to get close to anyone.

Some people say telling others how you feel can really help. I found it to be helpful sometimes, if you talk to the right person,  someone who has been through some of the the same things that you have, However sometimes the person you thought was the right person, turns out to be one that will throw a painful word.

I have many areas of pain and the difficulty in dealing with the hurt.

1. Parents, Grandparents: the ultimate pain. There is nothing worse than having a parent Grandparent throw a painful word, short of being shot. I have had it come from both parent and grandparent
Words from siblings (same parents)  10  because they know most of what you went through.

2. Words from siblings ( atleast one different parent) 7.5 the reason for this rating is because they may know some of it but they may have not been told everything, or in my families case, things get added, twisted things that were in there to one was removed when told to the next.

I can continue but I think you get the point

Friends know your situation but will use it when they are mad at you.
Then you have a total stranger, who doesn’t know you from Adam or Eve, comes by and throws a painful blow.
Damn that’s a hard one.
First consider at what point is (s)he talking about is it present,
How far back does this come from and who all knew about it.
If you realize it came from awhile ago then you may want to try to remember if you do know this person, if not then someone you know has ties with them and that is where the source lies. So yes the hurt is there not only because this person just now threw this blow but you also have a more painful heartbreak with the person that they have ties with.

Look at it this way
Have you ever taken a hammer and while trying to hang a picture, hit your thumb are finger. Ouch right That would be a stranger throwing the words, then you say okay forget it I don’t know this person, however this person throws out something that this person shouldn’t know because you don’t know them. Ouch hit the thumb or finger AGAIN.
Because now you know that they heard it from someone that you know. Sooner or later that finger or thumb is going to get broke.
As for me I refer to that type of pain as physical working pain. It happens all the time.

For me my Pain resulted in years of walls being built up so high that I thought there was no way any harsh word could penetrate. But each and everytime I thought I was safe to allow myself to become vulnerable, something would happen to the point where I would just repair the wall that  I had just tore down. Just to start all over again in a few months.

I really should be used to it after 44 years, I still get it and it will continue to come my way as it will to any of you. It is how you handle the situation when it hits you.

Life Changes

As I try to start a new life preferably without my seizure disorder, do to another brain surgery on 12-16-2015. I am very hopeful that this one will work better than the one I had on 7-8-2008.

I stayed home for quite awhile after the first surgery although I didn’t take it is easy as the doctors had told me. After the second I stayed home a few days not venturing to far from home when I did go out but again when I was home, I was in bed a lot more. Which I really couldn’t stand. I was always on the go whether it was cleaning, walking, sitting at the table, but this time I was stuck in bed, not that I wanted too!

Now I still sleep a lot however I go out more and further distances. I have frequent headaches which can sometimes last for days , and not one pain pill will help I go to sleep with them and wake up to them. But that is all part of the surgery, the part I’ll have to deal with. It has now been four months  and nothing but one partial complex, which will hinder a couple of things for me but life will have to start over again.

So begins a new day, in the same way. When life throws a curve, don’t swerve
To many people have swerved do to curves and lost there lives not just the physical aspect, but also the mental and emotional part of life as well. Many people look at life as a one way, that once you have been there you can’t go back. ” That is true”. However if you look at the wider scope  if you didn’t learn from the first experience, you will end up back there. Life is full of trials and errors. The best way to learn is to have a mentor, however not everyone has a mentor, or someone to teach them. So therefore trial and error comes into place. Everyone has done it, mistakes will be made. It is by mistakes that we learn. My life has to be reset like a computer, I always had and still have a slim chance of change, for instance I have posted a lot about a aunt that I dearly love, and know I find someone has been hiding things from me about her health. So did I make a mistake by letting my wall down again. I hope not. I do know that even though I am hurt by this, I can’t say who is hiding it, because I don’t know. So many things rush through my head at this point as I try to get these thoughts together, it is hard to concentrate on one long enough to get things straight.

There is nothing worse than mixing one situation with another or one day with another, especially when it is something that has happened within the last two days, which has been happening. Now as I returned from a walk, I realized that this is one of those mistakes that apparently I apparently need to work on still.

Spending a lot of time at my dads up north can have a maximum impact on ones ability to think about priorities. Talking to a person that has been through a lot more, and has more knowledge. Sometimes he would unknowingly give me knowledge that he has that I may need later in life. Most of my knowledge I have to accredit towards my own life experiences, there are some however my dad has given me. However if some one stops to look at ones life, many of the trials they come across in life they are put in for a reason.  Many of the answers are sometimes, they put themselves in those spots other times they don’t, either way their best defense is to have the most and best knowledge to confront their conflicts. To decide whether to deal with this or to let this one go.

The answer is there making the right decision is the problem,  following through with the decision with the right decision mat be even harder because it may not be the easiest.
1. Apologizing
2. Walking away
3. Both

Some people would like to think that fighting would be easier than 1, 2, or 3 and they are right it would be easier but the consequences are more diverse and damaging.