Allowing is Following

In this point of my life, I have decided to follow what ever happens to come with the changes in my life. My life up until December 16, 2015 has been full of mysteries and sometimes disappointments. These disappointments have come with some heavy penalties. these penalties have  kept me from driving, and working which has been driving me to a point of dissatisfaction with myself.

It brings me to a point where I now must follow a different path of life, one that I have followed before when my medical condition didn’t scare me as bad as it did in previous years. So now it is nine months since my surgery and I must allow myself to follow the life I had lived when I was from sixteen until the time my medical condition went  out of control.

A car, job and a better outlook for me and my family, all eight of us. Sure I still wonder and get worried that my job or license might be pulled if my condition flares again. however that is part of the title of this post. If I don’t allow myself to follow my old life that is going too hinder my dreams of the future for my family.

As I get back to the handle of writing these posts, they will get longer, and a more intriguing.


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