Live a Little

Withered Storms:

The FLIP: A story opposite of Withered Storms

Withered storms was the story of someone who deals with a troubled life, one who’s heart is surrounded by a brick wall, due to the many heart aches and failures not only because of myself but also by those who had hurt me.

That same person (myself) also has a side that has a loving family that cares and there are many that will talk to me about many different aspects of the storms and no matter how bad it may sound it is actually the most helpful advice for anyone, not necessarily what they want to hear but no one likes the truth, (because sometimes the truth can hurt).

Many times myself and a fellow blogger have come head to head about one of the storms that I have battled for years, and as we talked about the post I told him that I was able to become a little closer and brighten the cloud that surrounded that storm not all the way but it was much brighter than it had been. The question had come out was it a true break in the storm or was it a facade.

My response to this question is, As of yet “All I can say is I haven’t seen nothing to prove that it is”.

As I write this post it is getting easier to continue as the words flow continually allowing me finish another yet strange Flip.

Once there was a lot of things that I had to worry about, and maybe deep down I still do such as medical, heartaches ect, but at this point I feel no need to attack those pains. These pains feel less and less important than what lies ahead of me. Continuous work on my future with my life as someone who really needs to let go of the pain that holds the walls, of pain. Walls of pain can be broke without damaging the inner spirit, just as a piece of glass can be broke without getting cut if you know what you’re doing.

Don’t get me wrong this is just a small step and a big leap of faith towards letting my guard down. Allowing myself to be vulnerable to a number of attacks, from various directions. Vulnerability is a byproduct of humanity, someone, somewhere gets attacked  daily in one way or another how you handle it is your responsibility. Letting it attack you to the point of throwing cement in a few bricks around the heart isn’t the way to handle such vulnerability. Allowing yourself to be better and shake things off maybe even looking at the flip side of a story would help in your quest to release the emotions that has this wall holding your heart in place and allow it’s rightful owner,to hold   GOD


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