The raging side of me continues like the recent storm that carried few tornadoes through Grand Rapids, Mi. among other cities. This storm didn’t have the full effect of the worse of the tornadoes but it knocked out power to thousands of customers. Tore out trees, damaged homes, cars and alike.

As I received the text alert of a tornado warning my wife and I sat at the dining room table on the upper level of the house, listening to the warning sirens blaring in the distance. So we sat for a little while listening to the weather forecast. ( I don’t know about other states but here if a tornado warning is issued for Allegan County, Then Kent County’s Warning system will also go off.) So as we sat  here waiting to find out which way this storms path was going we heard that a tornado had touched down due west of us. I told my wife that I was just going to wait it out and see what happens. If my number is up then so be it. She sat across the table from me looking dumbfounded as if to say excuse me, Why would you say such a thing?, and I gave her a look back as if to say well you’re sitting there across from me so aren’t you saying much the same? OOH the power of silence between a couple that has been together so long can speak volumes, without saying a word. Sometimes our silence can be just as scary as a fierce storm or as gentle as a baby kitten.

There is more silence than words in this house. However she shows plenty of expressions that I have seen to know what she is thinking or feeling. She doesn’t have a very good poker face. I can tell when she hurts physically, or emotionally, her deep scars are there for life, although healed and visibly unnoticed, physically intact, she struggles with inner peace.

My peace is somewhat there, outward scars noticed  expressions unnoticed, physically intact, I am emotionally attached to a point. She can’t tell with me the difference of physical or emotional pain. Many people can’t. I find it better that way.  I find myself  able to handle physical pain more than emotional.

Now some of you maybe wondering how this next paragraph relates to the whole picture, well look at it this way, Lets say a Tornado ripped through a  home and left a path of destruction in it’s wake all of which listed below can be found within this path.

Battle wounds are forever,
Physical wounds leave visible scars, emotional wounds leave invisible wounds which can sometimes lead to visible scars, and more emotional.

Let’s elaborate a few
1. Physical = A person has surgery, a visible scar is left.
2. Emotional = A child looses a mother or father to a tragic death.
3. Emotional = physical – this lose triggers the need to cause physical harm upon oneself
4. Physical = Emotional therein this physical need to induce pain upon oneself to release the emotional pain from which induces emotional pain to others around that person of which has become now emotionally and physically scarred.

Some of which can be very dangerous and detrimental to the health of said person and all involved.

I would rather deal with physical scars they heal faster and less painful!



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