Tornado The Flip

This post is the flip to Tornado:
As I started out The closer the storm got to the center of town, my wife and I still siting at the table going on about our business her watching tv shows on the computer or other projects. I could see her looking at me over the top of my screen, catching things such as this or out of the corner of my eye can be helpful, especially when you have someone giving you an evil look or just looking at you, makes me wonder what I did or didn’t do.

So as we sat here we started talking and the worried look came about her face. I talked to her and said that if we were going to die then it was are time to go, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I was going to stay here and continue what I was doing. Soon her worried look disappeared as she slipped off into her movie again. Soon we heard that the storm had moved further north, northeast but yet it was heading towards areas where I had family so I called those family members to warn them. There was one family member that got short with me and she said.” I don’t want to talk to you right now “. I knew what she was doing so I let her continue she then said that she was getting prepared for the storm that was heading her way. I responded by saying that’s all I was calling for. Now let me explain my worry for this family member. She is mid 80s’ and lives alone, her husband had just passed away this year, and they had opened their doors to me when I was a teen. Only living with them for a year and a half. I called them mom and dad. In my life once someone allows someone like me to enter their home in the situation such as mine they are not only friend but parents for life.

Oh believe me out of my past comes one other set of parents who came in the same way. Oh don’t get me wrong my biological parents are still alive, and I have a close relationship with them and I called my father who lives further north and was also in the path of a nasty thunderstorm to warn him. My mother lives in town about five miles from me. Now I have picked up other friends I who have called mom and dad, funny situations occurred that caused those to start. I will have to get into more details later in another post.

Parents come in many forms, to protect you from the storms.
Storms consisting of raging downpours to the tossing of  lifes wars
They tell you everything is alright, atleast for tonight
They wake you up in the morning, send you off for schooling
Preparing you for a future life, with a loving wife.


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