Beauty Skin Deep

I was recently inspired  by this post that brought me back to another blog site that I once posted to.
However in response to this inspiration that started this post, it begins with the word Beauty.
As I was reading another fellow bloggers post, pertaining to Princesses, I can remember back when my wife and I first got together, this was some twenty three years ago. Now she like all women felt that she had to put on makeup everytime I came over or when we went out. In essences she had to look like a princess. For awhile it was intriguing and wonderful to see come out with makeup hair all done up ect. I would compliment her on this. Then one day after she spent her  time doing her usual ritual as i would call it, she came out, however instead of giving her a compliment, I said we need to talk Dear. She said, What don’t I look beautiful enough anymore?

And here was my response.
You don’t have to put makeup on to look beautiful, sure it was made for that reason some females think they need it and it helps with reassurance when they are complimented by their significant other, i.e. boyfriend, engaged partner, or spouse. However the beauty that makeup gives is only skin deep.

In reference a person can look  like the most beautiful person you have ever come across on the outside, but hold the ugliest, meanest heart that you might find.
There is a flip side to every story however,  there are those who don’t wear makeup and can be the most beautiful  person you would ever come across because of what is inside their heart.

Have you every read the introduction of a book and thought, I am not going to like this book. But read it anyway, only to find out it was the most intriguing book you have read up to that point, and now you are referring it to others you know. I know I have.

Now please don’t get me wrong there are those men out there who think there are everything to a woman, They have money, the build everything that a woman is looking for.
I didn’t want to use this terminology but in today society “Gods’ gift to women”. Believe me I use this term in this aspect only, but there are men that can be the same way they may look handsome or however a woman may describe a man, but sometimes, that man may have the ugliest heart that you can find. So I am not being a sexist here it is the same on both sides. In general if you are looking for the right and long lasting relationship don’t look at the outward appearance of a person look at whats on the inside.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Skin Deep

  1. I use to think I was God’s gift to women in my younger years and I’ve come across some very beautiful women and plain looking looking women and both styles had mixed styled hearts and in the end I settled with the woman of my dreams that has a Godly heart because that is where the true beauty is found.

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    • I can remember those days and I Thabk God for the Change HE has made in your heart and the wife HE has put in your path so that you can now have peace of heart in knowing that she is there for you and a purpose was set in place when she was put in that path.

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