Deepest Thoughts

Our world sends us into deepest thoughts, sometimes looking for answers sought.

This post , may not coincide with the link however in retrospect it does  bring  to mind a day when I decided to move out of my dads house. What he had to say, although I should have been used to his sarcasm, had cut to the bone and hurt had set in so much so that all the pain that  I had sustained through out  my childhood by him came flooding back.

When I told him I was moving out “his comment was to my now wife you have just taken away my piece of machinery.” I felt like Damaged Goods  Now as I was building up anger and rage for the words he threw out he also said to her you can deal with his drinking, seizures, a few other things that made me feel like I was the size of a pea. My wife looked at him and said fine I will.  I thought to myself and before I left I got up enough courage to tell him look you are just mad, because now I am no longer here to clean your house, fix your vehicles, do what you need done, ect and walked out. To this day I still think about it, but the day I confronted him on it, that part of the  anger and rage was gone. my wife and I have been together for now 23 years and we both have come to know that dad has gotten even more feisty with his comments and deal with it in a better aspect and outlook.scan0001


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