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I was born in Ft. Farson Colorado. 1972 moved to Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. in 1973. My mom moved to Grand Rapids, Mich. In 1975 dad returned in 1976. Grew up in a home with eight other siblings, which included a mix of brothers and sister from a different mother and fathers. My parents who lived across town from each other and therefore, I began walking the streets at the age five alone to get from one house to the other.  About the age of six, I  was put in the system, where I was then bounced back and between foster homes. The age of thirteen, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, by the time I was seventeen I had married my first wife, graduated high school at nineteen, divorced at twenty one remarried  5-13-1994 which was a Friday to a already made family of one fourteen year who had grown up in a troubled life himself and his two year old sister, had my only son in 2000. First brain surgery for my seizure disorder on 7-8-2008. Continued on with my medical condition for another seven  years, at which time I had a second brain surgery for my medical condition, which I can say and can give all the praise to God has been success to date and giving me the wonderful family who includes a daughter-in-law, another fellow blogger , and a wonderful granddaughter to the daughter who was two at the time. So I want to send a prayer to God:

Dear God
At this time I would like to give you thanks and praise for the wounded life that has been brought among my childhood. Without it I wouldn’t be in the spot I am now and even though it took time and patience and alot of Faith this prayer would be meaningless. I give YOU Thanks for the wonderful family that you have brought into my life. The strength to endure both surgeries and the Almighty hand that allowed the surgeons to not only do what they had to do to correct my medical condition, but also bring me back home to this loving family.



2 thoughts on “More about the Author

  1. Thanks for sharing your life with us, Bic. If we could see into the supernatural, we would see many angels working on our behalf, protecting us. It is so good to know that God has plans to prosper us and to give a hope and future. The best that God has planned for you is just ahead. It is so wonderful that the surgery was successful. God is so good!

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