A recent post written by another blogger  who happens to be one I know personally  has had a difficult way of life. All her life she has had troubles and her latest post deals with the lose of her mother in 2012.

Well their has certainly had her share of struggles and as she felt that she was alone during the time when she lost her mother in Dec. 2012.
The Strength of this blogger is phenomenal.
As I prepared for my brain surgery back in Dec.2015  and everyone in my family had already talked about who was going to go with me for the procedure. I could only take one person. after going through the pros and cons, it was my daughter-in-law who was on the journey with me.

It hadn’t dawned on me and I hadn’t been reminded that  this was also about the same time that her mother had passed away three years prior until after the bus tickets were paid for by a third party.  One night my daughter-in-law spills it all out that she is not only going through the anniversary of her mothers death, but also she is going to be down in  Ann Arbor with me and she doesn’t think she could handle the pressure of having to call home and tell my wife that I didn’t make it out of surgery. So once I find out that this was troubling her, I told her she didn’t have to worry about it because I would be coming home. Needless to say here we are nine months later, she still finds strengths when she needs it. I think they both draw strength from God and within each other they have me for a father and father-in-law.


6 thoughts on “Pain

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  2. Thank you both I know that I do have God on my side. But I also have the love of a wonderful family that I know I can go to and talk about my day or just have a good laugh at what is going on around me. I like to thank God for giving me this wonderful family and all the good times we have here. I love you all and thank you for taking me in as one of your own.

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    • I as well as mom are also thankful, God has first given our son a wonderful wife, and a to make it short I am going to say a daughter to us that I have always told she can talk to us about anything she needs too. The ability to talk and laugh and grow together as a family is the best way to keep a family together. Unlike someone who talks about your inlaws when their in the same vehicle “HMM excuse me we are right here son ” ( a joke amongst us with in the family where someone buried his foot in his mouth”. Love you Both. Dad

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