Family Gatherings:

As our family gets smaller and smaller, we take for granted what we have now. So when a family gathering comes along, the word is sent out to all. Those who show up do and those who don’t well there is many reasons why they were unable to make it. Some can’t because they have to work, distances, some can’t make it because of medical and yet others don’t come because they just don’t hang around with the family.
Due to the numerous factors in play, when our gatherings  or get togethers come upon us which are speradic at most, the more people show up the better, however it has been noticed that with the latest gatherings less and less people show up.

There are a lot of situations which I would rather not disclose, as to some off the reasons, for the no shows for some members. In some cases there is a lot of things that could be settled through just a calm talk with the members involved, however difficult some of the smaller problems could be, for that matter the larger ones those I chose not to disclose can be taken care of in time. Good things come to those that wait. Put your anger aside for just a few hours and come together as a family while you have the time, some things might not happen again with those who are here now. The next time a gathering is put togethering is put together it could be at a funeral of anyone young or old. It could be the last person you would expect to go. The last gathering  other thenFourth of July which again didn’t have many people show as well, was the passing of  my youngest brother. It doesn’t matter who it is, When it got to the point of my wife and I almost didn’t make it up for the Labor Day family gathering, I had told my wife there may be a reason for it, however on the other hand I just pray it isn’t the last familyy gathering that I didn’t get to, before my father passed. Needless to say my wife and I was able to make it up here.

Many times our family gatherings used to be full of family but as we get older people start to pass whether age has taken it’s toll or accidents take a life and problems arise amongst members they become smaller and smaller. some of these problems are so small that can be dealt with by just a Two simple words. I’m Sorry. I have had too say them to numerous people, but there are some that just can’t bring themselves to say those two words. For a long time I had that problem becasue I felt I shouldn’t have to and sometimes I did just to deal with the situation and disolve the minute fight, other times after looking and contemplating over the situation I found that it was my fault or even if I did have a part in it I knew It was up to me to initiate the apology in order for the fight to disolve way before it got to the point that it did. Now as for my point of view, because there are many family members that can read this post we have any unsolved issues please bring them to me in a private manner say we can deal with them. I do not like dealing with issues hidden behind a wire so If I am able to talk to  you face to face we will deal with this in a civil manner. If distance is a problem. Then we will have to discuss via other means, which will be figured out at that time.


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