Life Changes

As I try to start a new life preferably without my seizure disorder, do to another brain surgery on 12-16-2015. I am very hopeful that this one will work better than the one I had on 7-8-2008.

I stayed home for quite awhile after the first surgery although I didn’t take it is easy as the doctors had told me. After the second I stayed home a few days not venturing to far from home when I did go out but again when I was home, I was in bed a lot more. Which I really couldn’t stand. I was always on the go whether it was cleaning, walking, sitting at the table, but this time I was stuck in bed, not that I wanted too!

Now I still sleep a lot however I go out more and further distances. I have frequent headaches which can sometimes last for days , and not one pain pill will help I go to sleep with them and wake up to them. But that is all part of the surgery, the part I’ll have to deal with. It has now been four months  and nothing but one partial complex, which will hinder a couple of things for me but life will have to start over again.

So begins a new day, in the same way. When life throws a curve, don’t swerve
To many people have swerved do to curves and lost there lives not just the physical aspect, but also the mental and emotional part of life as well. Many people look at life as a one way, that once you have been there you can’t go back. ” That is true”. However if you look at the wider scope  if you didn’t learn from the first experience, you will end up back there. Life is full of trials and errors. The best way to learn is to have a mentor, however not everyone has a mentor, or someone to teach them. So therefore trial and error comes into place. Everyone has done it, mistakes will be made. It is by mistakes that we learn. My life has to be reset like a computer, I always had and still have a slim chance of change, for instance I have posted a lot about a aunt that I dearly love, and know I find someone has been hiding things from me about her health. So did I make a mistake by letting my wall down again. I hope not. I do know that even though I am hurt by this, I can’t say who is hiding it, because I don’t know. So many things rush through my head at this point as I try to get these thoughts together, it is hard to concentrate on one long enough to get things straight.

There is nothing worse than mixing one situation with another or one day with another, especially when it is something that has happened within the last two days, which has been happening. Now as I returned from a walk, I realized that this is one of those mistakes that apparently I apparently need to work on still.

Spending a lot of time at my dads up north can have a maximum impact on ones ability to think about priorities. Talking to a person that has been through a lot more, and has more knowledge. Sometimes he would unknowingly give me knowledge that he has that I may need later in life. Most of my knowledge I have to accredit towards my own life experiences, there are some however my dad has given me. However if some one stops to look at ones life, many of the trials they come across in life they are put in for a reason.  Many of the answers are sometimes, they put themselves in those spots other times they don’t, either way their best defense is to have the most and best knowledge to confront their conflicts. To decide whether to deal with this or to let this one go.

The answer is there making the right decision is the problem,  following through with the decision with the right decision mat be even harder because it may not be the easiest.
1. Apologizing
2. Walking away
3. Both

Some people would like to think that fighting would be easier than 1, 2, or 3 and they are right it would be easier but the consequences are more diverse and damaging.


One thought on “Life Changes

  1. We all go through life changes unavoidable but we don’t have to go through those life changes alone for Jesus loves us so much he is willing to walk beside us and is willing to show us the correct way to deal with any life circumstance to cause change in our lives…

    So did I make a mistake by letting my wall down again.

    In God’s eye’s it’s never a mistake to allow our wall to be down. As humans we we tend to think it’s a good thing because it’s a wall of protection but in actually the wall secludes us to the pain within. I hope this make sense.

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